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Planning Services

Grant Readiness

Does your organization have the staff, financial capacity, and management policies it takes to secure, implement and administer a large grant? Is your organization's record of success well-documented and ready to shine?

Many organizations lose out on grant funding because they are not adequately prepared. Grant readiness is an important part of setting your organization up for success. A grant-ready organization has a strong mission and vision, clear strategic goals and objectives, ample research on target demographics and community profiles, firm financial management policies in place, and a strong record of public support. 

BorderCDC can help to document and strengthen your organization's track record of success, boost your opportunities for securing funding, and ensure compliance once a grant has been awarded. 

Funding Search

Grant Writing

BorderCDC proudly offers full grant writing support services for your organization's funding needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own grant writing staff. From basic funding search, to needs assessments, program design and development, evaluation design, budget planning, fulfilling federal and state compliance requirements, and final grant proposal submission, BorderCDC is ready to work for you. 

Through teamwork, collaboration and constant feedback, every step of the grant writing process is designed to incorporate strategic planning and measurable outcomes, resulting in a well-developed grant proposal that is tailored to our client’s needs. BorderCDC has the expertise needed to craft a customized proposal that meets your organization's strategic funding needs and aligns with your mission, vision and organizational goals. 

Grants Administration

Grant Writing Training

BorderCDC provides different levels of grant writing training on federal, state and local funders that pertain to virtually all areas of the grant writing cycle. Our unique style of interactive and immersive workshop trainings are designed to educate and engage your staff as we delve into the grant writing process. 

Through a comprehensive, hands-on, and fully engaging curriculum, BorderCDC consultants cover everything from grants-related and funder-specific terminology, to the development of program designs and measurable outcomes, to the actual strong and concise writing style characteristic of highly effective and successful grant proposals. We are ready to get your staff excited about the possibilities! 

Federal, state and local grants policies, requirements and audits can be overwhelming. Ensuring compliance on current grants is key to securing future funding. Our consultants have over 15 years of experience in grants management and administration helping small municipalities and agencies to comply with state and federal financial, environmental, and operational requirements. BorderCDC consultants possess a wealth of knowledge and experience administering grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to name a few.

Protect your organization's credibility and reputation. Let BorderCDC take care of your grants administration so that you can get back to fulfilling your mission and vision. 

Your organization has an idea to help achieve your mission but you don't know how to fund it? Let us help you identify the resources needed to launch it. BorderCDC has access to numerous foundations, local, state and federal agencies that are ready to fund your program or project. We can comb through the confusing heap of funding opportunities and find the one that best fits your mission, vision, and program/project goals and outcomes, in order to magnify your chances for success.

From project development and project design, to feasibility assessments and resources integration, BorderCDC can help your organization strategize for the future. BorderCDC has experience helping small municipalities and local agencies on various types of planning projects, including, but not limited to, Economic Development Planning, Hazard Mitigation Planning, and Master Plan support. 

By understanding your VisionMission, and Goals, BorderCDC is committed to maximizing your community's assets and resources to foster a brighter tomorrow. Planning for the future, guarantees success. BorderCDC has the tools your organization needs to achieve its future potential.

BorderCDC provides support to numerous organizations in the West Texas Region. Our Firm’s physical presence in the southwest region allows us to work directly with clients to determine their needs offering various levels of service to build their capacity. We strongly believe that one size does not fit all and understand that every community's needs are different. Therefore, we do everything possible to customize our professional partnerships and offer numerous options to give our clients the best service possible.