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Border Community Development Consultants Inc. (BorderCDC) is a private Consulting firm that works directly with housing providers to develop and adopt business practices to increase productivity in the delivery of services, eliminate housing discrimination and increase potential tenant pools. 

​To accomplish this mission, we provide education on federal and state anti-discrimination laws that pertain to virtually all housing transactions. BorderCDC has developed numerous partnerships educating housing providers and landlords in the not-for-profit and private sectors about their responsibilities to provide housing opportunities free of discrimination. Most importantly, our services will help you eliminate costly fair housing violations.

​We encourage you to further increase your knowledge on the fair housing laws and to teach your staff best practices to avoid liability through a customized training with our firm. Our trainings are priced on a sliding scale and can be catered to your individual needs as a housing provider.BorderCDC’s Best Practices Partnerships mainstreams efforts to promote equal housing opportunities, efficient service delivery, as well as employment opportunity by reducing risk and ensuring profitability while also promoting best practice initiatives that highlight civil rights as doing good business. 

Fair Housing Compliance Training:

Training is provided to all employees, including upper management and site management personnel, leasing agents, support personnel and maintenance staff. It covers basics aspects of the federal Fair Housing act and related civil rights laws, i.e., ADA, CRA, and public accommodations situations. The training is interactive and utilizes vignettes from fair housing testing, complaints and settlements to illustrate fair housing scenarios that may arise. In addition, training instructors will provide concrete suggestions for handling complicated resident situations.

Training Modules:   

1. History of the Fair Housing Act   
2. Federal Fair Housing Act Protected Classes   
3. Prohibited Housing Activities   
4. Exemptions under the Law   
5. Remedies for Fair Housing Violations   
6. Reasonable Accommodations & Reasonable Modifications    
7. Accessibility Requirements of the Fair Housing Act and ADA    
8. Advertising

​Development and Implementation Training of Corporate Fair Housing Policy:

A detailed review of your company's fair housing policy and customer service procedures. BorderCDC will review standard forms, scripts, first contact situations, and will interview staff about adherence to policies outlined in forms. Using this evaluation and guidance from applicable civil rights laws, BorderCDC will develop or modify your existing policies to make sure your company is in compliance. In addition, our group of professional consultants will provide the necessary training to ensure help you implement your policies.  

Marketing Strategy Assessment:

BorderCDC will provide a marketing strategy review, as well as marketing and advertising guidelines in compliance with appropriate regulations. BorderCDC will also review policies to ensure the extent to which they affect market positively and increase access to services for protected class communities. This will include a review of language, symbols, slogans, human models/images and media. 

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Approved Fair Housing Training

Under the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs' Tax Credit Program Qualified Allocation Plan and Rules, the Development owner or member of the management company for all awarded developments must attend at least five hours of Department-approved fair housing training on leasing and management issues. Additionally, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs encourages awardees of all rental housing funds to attend these valuable trainings. The training is intended to provide the required attendees with information on both the design aspects of developing rental housing that is consistent with fair housing as well as occupancy and leasing issues. Do not jeopardize your funding and project government support by failing to comply with important civil rights policies and training requirements. Contact us for a free assessment and training estimate. 

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Fair Housing Training